Vic LeBouthillier

Vic LeBouthillier
Clinical Advisory Board Chairman

Vic has spent the past 28 years of his 38-year career in health care product development with a focus in behavioral health. His personal vision statement best reflects his focus:


To close the gap that exists between advances in mental, social & behavioural
health sciences and individuals that need the support.

As President of MyOutcomes he leads the mental health prevention and recovery product lines which are used by large and small government and private mental health clinics in over 26 countries. Vic also sits on Resilient Mind clinical advisory board and leads the product development team  FULL BIO


Cindy Hansen, BA-Psych, HHP
Director of Online Client Activities

Cindy’s focus during her psychology studies was behavioural health metrics. She is passionate about their application in providing clients with a stronger voice in the client-mentor experience. Cindy has been instrumental in the initial and ongoing innovation of the client dashboard metrics, which has been designed to increase the engagement between clients and mentors throughout the week on top of their regular weekly sessions. Cindy is additionally the Director of R&D for The Resilient Mind sister company, MyOutcomes®, which maintains ongoing collaboration with pioneering psychologists, Dr. Barry Duncan and Dr. Scott Miller, in the field of Feedback Improved Therapy (FIT). This latter role provides Cindy with the opportunity to collaborate with the MyOutcomes® international base of over 3500 therapists who use MyOutcomes® tools and who are committed to measuring the effectiveness of therapy. Cindy has also worked as a therapist and continues to work with a small list of clients, thus keeping her attuned to client experiences in their use of The Resilient Mind tools.

Karl A. Peuser, PhD.

Karl A. Peuser, PhD.
Director, Research & Security

Karl, who earned his doctorate at the University of Missouri-Columbia, leads the research and development team for the The Resilient Mind One-on-One and Group programs. The primary focus of the R & D Department is to analyze client data in order to evaluate and insure the effectiveness of the The Resilient Mind programs as well as to develop and research new innovations so as to maintain our goal of continuing to increase program effectiveness. His academic and applied experience in experimental psychology and neurosciences provides Karl with the experience needed to ensure that our The Resilient Mind programs are utilizing the most advanced behavioural science needed to support clients in achieving their health goals.

Karl has a fairly eclectic background in both his personal and academic background. A past Robert S. Daniel Teaching Fellow, he has taught over twenty different courses in psychology, neuroscience, research, history of science and substance abuse. A recipient of the Research Society on Alcoholism Junior Investigator Award, he has done research on the physiological basis of learning and memory, developmental neurobehavioural toxicology, alcohol use and abuse in college age students and harm reduction programs for young children.

Sharon Blady., PhD.

Sharon Blady., PhD.
Product Manager

Sharon began her career as an academic, teaching and researching across a variety of disciplines, honing the ability to optimize and connect information from diverse sources while ensuring accessible and cogent presentation and delivery. Her abilities in these areas were further utilized and enhanced when she was elected into the Manitoba Legislature and crafted two pieces of first-in-Canada legislation before being appointed a cabinet minister.

As Minister of Healthy Living, and later Minister of Health for the province of Manitoba, Sharon demonstrated strong competencies in her ability to work with stakeholders, departments, and front-line healthcare providers. Systems analysis, agility in addressing management issues and strategic planning we a key focus during her time in office and in working with clients today. Her history of mental health issues also provided unique insight into how to better reform mental health and healthcare policy through the lens of lived experience. Sharon’s leadership to The Resilient Mind clinical advisory team provides invaluable insights to ensure the programed is crafted to align with government short and long term preventative health planning.