“Individual resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy or threats.
It also includes coping with significant stress caused by problematic and toxic
relationships in the family or at the workplace and the capacity
to bounce back from difficult experiences”

The American Psychological Association

Why build resilience?

How resilient are you?

Are you ready to change?

About The Resilience Project

The Resilient Mind project was developed by an award-winning team that has pioneered the use of intuitive
multimedia technology for e-learning, Web 2.0 social groups, and online tools to utilizing advanced
neuro, behavioural and social sciences. Conceived in 2015, with a focus to help people
increase their resilience to produce measurable outcomes, The Resilient Mind Project
is one of the few scientifically proven training programs to increase
resilience and is led by a team of thought-leading academics,
clinical professionals and educators.


Resilient people experience 2X
the quality of life


Resilient people experience
1/2 stress productivity loss


Resilient people are
31% more engaged.

Resilience is the 21st century measure in determining
mental well-being and human performance

3 ways

to build individual & organizational resilience.


for organizational health

A smart initiative for a strong competitive advantage


organizational resilience

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training options

Group based training online or in person gamification


resilience skills

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to inspire

At your next event introduce resilience


resilient people

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Are you a business leader looking to improve employee resilience and productivity?

Are you an individual looking at reducing the effects of stress and leading a happier, healthier life?

Research shows that the most effective method of building resilience and retaining those skills is within a facilitated, safe, group environment where learning, practice opportunities, and peer/mentor support occurs over 10 weeks.

A word from our Participants

The Resilient Mind executive training gave me the same feeling you get when you’ve come home for holidays to your parents’ place. What we have here is an honest-to-goodness experience in an environment one goes to reflect on whatever it is their dodging in life. My experience helped me create more awareness of my psychological functions in order to optimize them to reduce stress and increase quality of life.

As former Manitoba Minister of Health, transferring from 9 years in public service to private health care consulting was a challenging transition. Most of my career, I focused on developing my IQ, but through The Resilient Mind executive program, I have developed my EQ (emotional quotient). The trickle-down effect on my executive capabilities has been like a secret weapon in reducing my stress and increasing engagement with people. I would like to thank the team at The Resilient Mind project and highly recommend the program.

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