How Does The Resilient Mind Work?

In 2012, a team of thought-leading academics, clinical professionals, and ministers of health formed The Resilient Mind Project to determine the most effective way to help people increase their resilience. Their investigations, together with advances in behavioral sciences, resulted in the following list of effective resilience-building initiatives. In addition to these initiatives they discovered a portion of individuals in most populations, who exhibit a readiness to change and experience the greatest outcomes.

The Resilient Mind Project consist of 6 products that work to create organizational and individual resilience.


for organizational health

A smart initiative for a strong competitive advantage


organizational resilience

Workplaces play an essential part in promoting positive mental health by giving people:

  • A sense of belonging, and
  • The opportunity to experience productive contribution.

Employee well-being, in turn, creates a strong competitive advantage. However, left unchecked, a stressful workplace can give rise to mental health problems and lost productivity!

Each workplace has a unique culture, people and stressors. Supporting leaders and employees to enhance psychological performance, to address early warning signs of mental strain, to curb burnout, and to support recovery from a mental illness is critical to your business objectives and bottom line.

The Resilient Mind’s consulting team guides organizations to promote mental health and mitigate mental illness. Starting from where you are at and your stage of readiness, we customize a mental health strategy with measurable results for your organization including:

  • A scorecard assessment of the impact of mental illness on your workplace
  • A clear direction with psychological health objectives and measurable outcomes to form a 1 – 3 year strategy
  • A game plan of where to start and practical initiative to meet your set objectives
  • Support in the implementation and administration of your game plan
  • Quarterly and annual evaluations of the impact of your efforts

Perhaps you are interested in adopting the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety (the Standard). Watch this video to learn more about the Standard and how implementing the Standard in your organization can create a psychologically healthy and safe workplace.

We adjust our approach based on the level of support you need to implement the Standard at your workplace; from over the shoulder coaching to full facilitation of initiative. A recommended first step is a gap analysis of current policies, programs and leader support versus the Standard. We quickly identify potential risks to your organization’s due diligence for psychological safety and injury mitigation and determine how to minimize these risks.

How can we help your organization capitalize on psychological health?


training options

Group based training online or in person gamification


resilience skills

2/3 hr interactive workshop

#1 Workshop 50-200 people


#2 Handbook


#3 App for Online community & resources

Online gamification training

#1 Wkly, 1.5 hr gamification group mtgs via zoom


#2 2 wkly e-learning lessons over 10 wks


#3 Mentoring sessions ovet 10 wks


#4 Agile micro-eLearning for retention building over 20 wks


#5 App for Online community & resources for 1 year

In person gamification training
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#1 Wkly, 1.5 hr group gamification session


#2 2 wkly e-learning lessons over 10 wks


#3 Mentoring sessions over 10 wks


#4 Agile micro-eLearning for retention building over 20 wks


#5 App for Online community & resources for 1 year

Executive resilience training
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#1 Mentoring Sessions


#2 Handbook


#3 App for Online community & resources


to inspire

At your next event introduce resilience



Why Hire a Resilience Speaker ?

Being resilient is a key 21st century factor for determining mental well-being and performance. Our speakers can inspire an audience on why Resilience should become a #1 personal and corporate value.

Inspiring resilience, advances employee wellness and organizational effectiveness are necessary in today’s hyper competitive and complex environment. People need to think outside the box, however, they often need help stepping out of the day-to-day grind.

So Why Should You Hire a Resilience Speaker?

It’s not because they’ll fix all your problems, or

It’s not necessary that one keynote will change everyone’s outlook.

Let’s explain why:

An event is about your employees’ overall welfare. You see, the troops need a little rallying every now and then. Sometimes, events are about rewarding employees/clients for doing a great job. Whatever the reason, bringing your team together helps build “connectedness” and engagement. Here are a few more reasons why you should hire a resilience speaker for your next event.


Help People Get Out of Their Daily Routines- It’s only natural that people get bogged down in the mundane of their daily jobs. However, these routines can stifle creativity

Stimulate Creativity- Change and challenges go hand-in-hand. Getting outside of their normal environment, in front of a keynote speaker helps employees see how to overcome these challenges and adapt.

Increase Individual Energy- A motivated employee is a productive and loyal one. Your resilience speaker will help boost their drive through humor, inspirational stories and tales of adversity that will inspire and refresh your team.

Compel People to Action- Bringing in  someone from outside your organization with a message about stress management, resilience, mental well being and effectiveness, is better received by employees. Your people need to be compelled to do their jobs and be happy at the same time. They need a purpose and they need to be engaged. Hosting a special event will give your employees the compulsion to act in a way that advances your organization.

Promote Team Synthesis- Recognizing individuals is good practice, but it’s also important to nurture teamwork. Resilience is based on the foundation of relationship building. A speaker can promote the importance of teamwork as well as unify the team around a common vision.

Drive Performance- Our speakers will generate motivation. A great resilience speaker will drive action that lasts after the event ends. When the speaker can motivate and compel employees to higher levels of self-care, they become a catalyst for change, influencing employee behaviors that lead to overall well-being and performance.

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