The Resilient Mind consulting team works to help organization implement phycological health and safety in the workplace –

  • Define a business case

  • Ensure commitment throughout the organization 

  • Communicate widely and effectively

  • Build a psychological health and safety culture

  • Ensure adequate resources for implementation

  • Select the best actions for your organization

  • Consider psychological health and safety in times of change

  • Measure the impact of implementing the Standard

  • Sustain implementation efforts

Nine Promising Practices

Dave Loney,
Director of Partner Network

Early in Dave’s career he co-founded Eagle’s Flight – a corporate training and consulting firm that revolutionized the business application for experiential learning to evoke human growth. Eagles Flight training is currently used by Fortune 500 companies in 25 languages and over 35 countries. Dave then moved on to work as a business consultant using several proprietary instruments along with his own developed tools to profile and measure executive performance. His passion to foster human and organization growth led Dave to provide executive mentoring to multitudes of senior executives and corporate leaders.

Dave joined The Resilient Mind Project as Director of Partner Programs. The partners represent the 6 individual and organizational resilient building products in communities across Canada. Dave also sits on The Resilient Mind Product Development Team whose responsibility is to maintain an ongoing posture of evolving the 6 resilience products.

Rochelle Morandini, MBA

Rochelle Morandini is an organizational health strategist and has held Vice President roles within international consulting firms. She has provided thought leadership and solutions from small through to well-known large national public and private sector firms in the areas of employee engagement, thriving cultures and organizational health. Rochelle’s strategic, yet practical approach to individual and organizational behavior change is measurable. Her proven results include: 1) Reducing the cost and impact of days lost to absence & disability, mental illness, burnout, benefits, turnover; and, 2) Improving engagement, culture indicators, team productivity, employee health.

Her passion lies in providing support to people and the places they work by demystifying mental health in the workplace and promoting psychological safety and performance. E.g. Normalizing brain function for leaders/employees, teaching resilience, aligning abilities to people’s roles, and identifying the behaviours impacting burnout & performance. When she has worked with companies on their targeted mental health strategies, the impact is notable!

Rochelle received a Bachelor of Commerce degree at The University of British Columbia specializing in Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources. She also earned her Masters of Business at Pepperdine University in Los Angeles, California where she focused on business strategy and organizational effectiveness. Rochelle is also a Chartered Human Resources Professional.

Rochelle brings to The Resilient Mind team experienced business acumen and a client centric approach. Her excellent listening and analytical skills help clients and colleagues get to the root cause of issues, develop strong relationships, and collaborate on the right remedies.

Amber Branny

Amber Branny comes from an HR background and is a health and wellbeing advocate. She has provided workplace wellness & leadership development programs to national organizations and her passion lies within increasing the awareness of people taking ownership of their physical and mental health.

Amber has received her Bachelor of Arts at Bishop’s University in Psychology and Human Resources, a Post graduate diploma in Workplace Wellness & Health Promotion in Toronto. She worked for many years as the western lead at TELUS within HR Wellness strategy. Furthering her interest in this area she completed a ‘Leadership and Conflict Resolution’ through the Justice Institute of BC. More recently she has studied Mindfulness and Meditation and is a new facilitator in this space. As a mom of two daughters, she has also peaked her curiosity around increasing the tools available for parents to be supported with their children and increasing a new level of communication and resilience.

Amber is piloting a summit called Align 20|20, bringing to light how leaders can feel a deeper sense of support and actionable steps to progress their own awareness and leadership within the mental health space.

Amber is a workplace mental health consultant for the: The Resilient Mind Project and is a certified group gamification training facilitator.

Sharon Blady., PhD.

Sharon Blady., PhD.
Clinical Advisory Board

Sharon began her career as an academic, teaching and researching across a variety of disciplines, honing the ability to optimize and connect information from diverse sources while ensuring accessible and cogent presentation and delivery. Her abilities in these areas were further utilized and enhanced when she was elected into the Manitoba Legislature and crafted two pieces of first-in-Canada legislation before being appointed a cabinet minister.

As Minister of Healthy Living, and later Minister of Health for the province of Manitoba, Sharon demonstrated strong competencies in her ability to work with stakeholders, departments, and front-line healthcare providers. Systems analysis, agility in addressing management issues and strategic planning we a key focus during her time in office and in working with clients today. Her history of mental health issues also provided unique insight into how to better reform mental health and healthcare policy through the lens of lived experience. Sharon’s provides consultation to private and government organisations in providing psychologically healthy work place assessments, planing and execution.

Vic LeBouthillier

Vic LeBouthillier
Clinical Advisory Board

Vic has spent the past 28 years of his 38-year career in health care product development with a focus in behavioral health. His personal vision statement best reflects his focus:

“To close the gap that exists between advances in mental, social, behavioural health sciences and individuals that need the support.”

Since 1987, Vic has been focused on program development to improve individual self-care within populations, through group work and eventually integrating interactive web-based tools. In 1987 as a Business Consultant, he developed emotional intelligence and resilience training implemented in the workplace. In 1999 as CEO of Alive publishing group, he published information on the brain’s neuroplasticity and the link between relationship and mental health with a readership of 1.4m a month.. Alive also distributed health-based accredited training courses in 3 continents.

In 2004 he founded the Alive for Wellness 30-day in-patient program for people desiring to overcome a mental health struggle and a 60-day app/telephone after care program which still operates today ( In 2008 he partnered with Dr. Scott Miller and Dr. Barry Duncan and co-founded MyOutcomes (, a clinical tool that helps behavioral health clinicians increase their clinical effectiveness and was a recipient of the national United Kingdom’s Mental Health Innovation Of The Year award. MyOutcomes is approved by the US Joint Commission and certified by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration; MyOutcomes is currently used in over 24 countries by private and governmental mental health clinics, the US Military, and over 28 universities in their graduate training programs. Over 13 randomized clinical trials confirm that using MyOutcomes can double the effect size of mental health clinicians.

In 2015, motivated to make advanced neural, behavioral, and social sciences more affordable and accessible to all people, Vic assembled a group of thought-leading academics, clinical professionals, and educators and founded The Resilient Mind Project that supports and trains people who exhibit a readiness to change and wish to increase their resilience (

Since 2005 Vic has provided consultation to private organisations to develop psychologically healthy work places.