Note: This document is the sole property of The Resilient Mind Team. Do not duplicate or distribute this manual to any person without written permission.

1.1 Welcome on Board

Thank you for joining The Resilient Mind Team as a Training Course Facilitator!

In this Manual, you will learn about:

  • the overall TRM game concept and how to play it
  • tasks you and your players will have to do before, during and after each game
  • the TRM mobile app and how it helps players get the most out of this training
  • the mentoring objectives
  • and how to successfully facilitate an online game session with 9 people.

1.2 Overview of the licencing of a Facilitator

On completion of the Facilitators Contract with TRM the following training items will be carried out:

  1. The Facilitator becomes familiar with this manual and competent with each section
  2. The Facilitator undergoes 3 1-hour Zoom training sessions with TRM
  3. The Facilitator in training attends 7 weekly group sessions as a participant
  4. The Facilitator sells 9 seats and facilitates the game under supervision
  5. The Facilitator becomes licenced and receives in-person game kit and access to all online tools to facilitate game independently.