Please complete this readiness to change assessment to determine if you are ready to participate in The Resilient Mind program.

1.I really want to make changes in my psychological and/or relationship health.
2.Sometimes I wonder if I have poor mental health.
3.If I don’t make changes to my psychological health soon, problems in my life will only get worse.
4.I have already started making changes in my psychological health.
5.I had a lot of destructive behaviors at one time, but I’ve managed to change my behaviors.
6.Sometimes I wonder if my behaviors are hurting other people.
7.I have poor psychological health.
8.I’m not just thinking about changing my psychological health, I’m already doing something about it.
9.I have already changed my psychological health, and I am looking for ways to keep from slipping back to my old pattern.
10.I have serious mental health problems.
11.Sometimes I wonder if I am in control of my psychological or emotional state.
12.My behaviors are causing a lot of harm.
13.I am actively doing things now to cut down or stop my destructive behaviors.
14.I want help to keep from going back to the psychological or relationship problems that I had before.
15.I know I want to improve my mental health.
16.There are times when I wonder if my behaviors are out of control.
17.I am psychologically distressed.
18.I am working hard to change my mental health.
19.I have made some changes in my mental health, and I want some help to keep me from going back to the way I used to behave.